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WealthLink through eMoney

Online Access Guide

If you've never used WealthLink before:

WealthLink is our web-based personal financial management application that we use for financial planning.  It includes a client-facing portal through which you can access and track all of your accounts - even your assets, liabilities, policies, etc. beyond the funds that we help manage.  

Initial access is obtained by us emailing an invitation to you with a link to register.  If you have not yet received this and would like to receive the link, then contact Griffin at

If you don't know your Username and Password for WealthLink:

In order to access WealthLink, you'll need a User ID and Password. If you have previously accepted the initial invitation sent to you and registered but don't know your user id or password, then you can email for help receiving or recovering them. Alternatively, you can press the Forgot Your Password button on the initial WealthLink login page. Then your information will be emailed to you.

Pictured: The WealthLink Login Box. Here you can find the Forgot your Password? button underneath "Sign In".


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