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NetXInvestor through Pershing

Online Access Guide

If you've never used NetXInvestor:

NetXInvestor is a web service that gives you access to your Pershing accounts such as MAPNavigator, MAPDirect, and Guided Investment Strategies, and Brokerage Accounts.  Here you can find account balance information, tax documents, confirmation statements, capital gains, etc.  

The NetXInvestor Login page can be found at this link.

If you would like additional assistance with this then please email Griffin Schroeter at

Pictured: This is where the Register button is. This box is underneath the Login Box.

If you've used NetXInvestor before, but cannot remember your Username or Password:

In order to access NetXInvestor, you'll need a User ID and Password. If you don't know these pieces of information, you can email for help recovering them or call Waddell & Reed at (866)-937-0010.  Alternatively, you can press either the Forgot User ID or Forgot Password buttons near the Login box, pictured below. 

Pictured: The Login Box. Here you can find the Forgot User ID and Forgot Password options.

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