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Ivy Investments

Online Access Guide

If you've never been to the Ivy Investments website before:

Ivy Investments is the company through which Ivy Mutual Funds and 529 accounts are housed and handled. Their website is available at this link. Using their website, you can view and manage your accounts held through Ivy Investments.  This includes viewing tax documents, signing up for eDelivery to access paperless statements, viewing transactions, etc.

You'll want to register for a User ID in order to access your Ivy account information. To do so, you can press the Create a User ID button on the navigation bar of the website.  You'll need basic information available like your social security number and an account number that is registered to yourself.

If you need assistance with access to Ivy Investments then you can email Griffin Schroeter at or you can call Ivy Investments directly at (888)923-3355.

Pictured: The Login Box. Here you can find the options to Retrieve your Lost Password and Register for your User ID. This is also where you can input your active User ID and Password in order to access the Ivy online service.

If you don't know your Username and Password for Ivy Investments but have previously registered:

In order to access Ivy Investments, you'll need a User ID and Password. If you don't know these pieces of information, you can email for help recovering them or call Ivy Investments at (888)923-3355.  Alternatively, you can press either the Retrieve User ID or Reset Password buttons on the navigation bar of the Ivy login page.  If you know your User ID, but not your password, you can press the Lost your Password? button right under the login text boxes. 

Pictured: The Navigation Bar. Here you can find, among others, the options to Retrieve your User ID and Reset your Password.

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