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Investment Manager Selection

Client Centered

Molly Rambo has the responsibility and  sole discretion for selecting the underlying investment managers of the investment portfolios that are available unless otherwise instructed by the account owner.

Molly  will conduct thorough analysis with the assistance of subject matter experts, consultants and other advisors deemed necessary to fulfill their fiduciary obligations of procedural due diligence.

The following is a non-exhaustive set of criteria that will be considered: 

  • Organizational structure of the Investment Manager. 
  • Long term performance track record.
  • Performance evaluation reports illustrating the risk/reward profile of the investment manager relative to other similar managers of like investment style, as appropriate. 
  • Detailed information on the history of the firm, key personnel, and costs. 
  • Adherence to the stated investment strategy over time. 
  • Fees that are competitive compared to similar investments

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