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Investment Beliefs

Client Centered

Molly Rambo's investment beliefs provide a foundational framework for the decision-making process. Our beliefs guide the development of appropriate policy, procedures, and investment decisions for advisor managed portfolios.

Molly will conduct an on-going thorough analysis with the assistance of subject matter experts, consultants and other advisors deemed necessary to fulfill their fiduciary obligations of procedural due diligence.

The following is a non-exhaustive set of investment beliefs that help guide us:

  • Asset allocation is the primary determinant of portfolio return and volatility.
  • Portfolio diversification plays a critical role in improving risk adjusted returns.
  • Risk is multi-dimensional and while it cannot be simplified into one precise measure, a range of steps can be taken to evaluate and assess risk for both our portfolios and clients.
  • Portfolios should be constructed in a way that help clients navigate various market environments that make up a full business cycle.
  • Investment strategies should be proactively managed based on forward looking insights, rather than simply on "what's worked" in the past.
  • Some asset classes are more efficient than others and therefore have varying opportunities in our clients’ portfolios. When working with an efficient asset class it is generally better to use passive management while when using less efficient asset classes there tends to be more value in using active management.  
  • Investment costs have a significant impact on long term portfolio performance. Costs must be measured, monitored and prudently managed whenever possible.

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