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Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and those that you hold dear. An important part of that advocacy is to help you manage your risk.  It is often the case that sharing that risk with an insurance company can be key to a sound financial plan.



An annuity is a long-term investment that is issued by an insurance company designed to help protect you from the risk of outliving your income.  Annuities offer potential for tax-deferred growth and an income stream for life. We have some flexible options for annuities that enable you to:

  • Invest with top companies in the industry
  • Invest a lump sum or invest over a period of time
  • Start receiving payments immediately or at some later date
  • Select a fixed, variable, or indexed rate of return
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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance offers the confidence that your loved ones will be taken care of in the event of your untimely death.  It's important to match up the right amount and kind of policies for an individual's needs and comfort level.  Some of the key life insurance policies that we offer include:

  • Term  
  • Variable Universal Life
  • Universal Life
  • Whole
  • Survivor
  • Polices that combine Long-term care with life coverage
  • A large selection of different companies to help keep your rates competitively priced
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Long-term Care Insurance

Long-term Care Insurance

As you age, you may need help with things you've always been able to do yourself such as grocery shopping, cleaning the house, fixing meals, dressing, taking medications, or bathing.  A long-term care insurance policy is designed to help you pay for these types of services and take some of the risk away from you and your family for covering those services.  We offer policies that include:

  • Focused benefits on home health care in addition to facility care
  • Customized pricing for your personal situation
  • A large selection of companies 
  • Asset-based policies to allow policy funds to be available to you or your family beyond providing for care

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