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Guidelines and Investment Policy

Client Centered

Molly Rambo, in consultation with investment committee, subject matter experts, consultants, and other advisors, seeks to provide clients with a broad array of model portfolios that could represent a variety of levels of risks vs. return profiles and time horizon constraints.

The investment program seeks to achieve broad based diversity in the model portfolios offered, using certain criteria to determine the material differences between the potential strategies offered while making use of a disciplined exposure to a wide variety of asset classes.

Criteria parameters are as follows:

  • A distinct and definable investment universe of securities carefully vetted and selected for potential inclusion.
  • A distinct risk and return profile.
  • A distinct management style that can be defined in terms of the investment strategies methodologies utilized (passive vs. active, for example.)
  • Where appropriate, custom portfolios will be created to meet the specific needs of clients whose best interest would not be served by the use of a model portfolio.
  • Molly reserves the right to add or replace model portfolios and underlying securities contained within based upon changes in market conditions, strategic outlook, investment committee, topic expert and consultant input, account owner input, and/or other factors.
  • The guidelines set forth in any pertinent prospectus or trust document shall govern all mutual funds, ETF, separate accounts, collective investment trusts, and closed-ended funds.

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